4 Games to Get Your Baby Walking
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4 Games to Get Your Baby Walking

4 Games to Get Your Baby Walking

Parents only do things that could help provide a meaningful life to their babies. Babies are, in fact, beings that are capable of a lot of things. As parents, it is your duty to make sure that your baby develops to be the best version of themselves.

That being said, Robin Bump, a Physical Therapist, encourages parents to play with their children in order for them to help with their baby’s muscle development. So, strap on your baby shoes and start playing these games with your baby:

Core Muscle Bounce Game

If you want your baby to crawl at a much earlier time, then you want to make sure that you build their core muscles as it is one of the muscle groups that are needed to help support them during their crawling motion.

That being said, this game would require any ball that is big enough for your baby to sit on- ensuring that their feet do not touch the ground. You start the game by holding your baby’s hips and placing them on the ball for them to sit. Make sure that they are facing you and only support their hips to encourage them to support themselves using their torsos.

Then, you want to gently roll the ball forward and back, then from side to side and vice versa. Do these things without ever letting go. The reason why this game is so amazing for core muscle development is that you are not supporting their upper body or trunk, thus forcing them to use the said muscles to help maintain their balance all throughout the game.

Balls in the Basket

Consider this as a game of basketball- only that it is safe for babies. What you need to have is a basket and a couple of plastic balls. You can also swap the balls for stuffed animals or even soft blocks as well. You will also need something that your baby can use to cruise along. I suggest using the couch but you can use other things.

To play this game, you must first scatter the balls just outside your baby’s reach and then tell them to collect the balls and place them inside the basket. It is up to you how far you want to put the basket away from them.

As your baby grows and, therefore becoming more adventurous, you can place the basket farther and farther. You can even mix things up making it harder for them. This game helps develop their coordination, balance, leg muscles, and their confidence.

Pass the Balloon

This is the baby’s version of catch and all you really need to have is a set of balloons or something soft that they can easily catch. If your baby is still relatively young, you want to have them hold onto something stable. Next, you want to tap the balloon or soft object to them and, in turn, ask them to tap it back to you.

If they are reluctant to stand (probably because their muscles haven’t been fully developed yet), you can start them in a sitting position and placing them beside a stable object to help them stand. Doing this will allow them to tap or catch the balloon.

Babies that can stand will have a fun time as they can kick or throw the balloon at you while holding on to something stable, of course. This game not only builds their confidence but it can also develop their hand-eye coordination early on as well.

Wheelbarrow Walk

This game is really simple but its benefits are amazing since it helps build their upper body muscles and strength- thus, allowing them to crawl and walk much sooner than other babies.

That being said, all you really need is a soft mat or even a clean rug. To play this game, you need to start having your baby lie down on their tummy and pick her up by holding her trunk and legs. Then, when they’ve stood up, you can then shift your hands to their hands and support them as they start to walk.

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