5 eCommerce Trends That You Should Know This 2020
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5 eCommerce Trends That You Should Know This 2020

5 eCommerce Trends That You Should Know This 2020

1. Website performance

A website that performs well and gives people a good browsing experience will always be
relevant. Consumers are impulsive and impatient in general, most especially if they searching for
something. You wouldn’t want your web pages to be load too slowly. Page speed is crucial for
your SEO, conversion, user experience and overall customer happiness.

2. Custom packaging

Even the most popular ecommerce platforms in Malaysia constantly work hard to set themselves
apart from the rest of the others. This may be sound surprising, but many customers perceive the
package as part of the product itself. Don’t ever send them a poorly-packaged parcel. As much as
possible, send your products in customized packages. Packaging alone can improve your brand’s
reputation, and improve your sales.

3. Voice search

Voice search is rapidly gaining its place in the digital landscape. By 2020, this trend is expected
to be more apparent. If you are running an online shop and a blog, it’s best to optimize it for
voice search as well. It has been predicted that in around 5 years, around 50% of online search
will be conducted through voice or image.

4. Artificial intelligence and Chatbots

As per a recently conducted survey, 77% of consumers utilize an AI-supported devices on a
regular basis. If you are not yet familiar with different artificial intelligence tools, now is the best
time to research about it. Chatbots are also crucial elements that you can integrate in your digital
strategy. According to HubSpot, 48% of customers prefer using chatbots than any other means of

5. Payment processing

Do you know that a big percentage of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts at the very
last minute? Some of them change their minds about the products, while some found the entire
checkout process difficult to navigate. If you are really serious on growing your ecommerce
business, you will make the checkout and payment processing easy and convenient.

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