6 Effective Website Design Tips for Your Website Project
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6 Effective Website Design Tips for Your Website Project

6 Effective Website Design Tips for Your Website Project

1. Focus on scrolling, not clicking.

What if you don’t want to use sliders and accordions? How can you compress information? Just put every detail in a single page so people can easily scroll through it.

2.Focus on visual cues.

The best website design company would focus on providing compelling visual cues. By visual cues, you can guide users, and help them get the details they need.

3.Prioritize website speed.

Website speed is one of the most important aspects of web design. According to research, this aspect alone influences bounce rates, revenue, conversions and user satisfaction. Basically, if your website is slow, people would not stick around.

4.Leverage on Hick’s Law.

This specific law states that the more choices a person has, the longer they’ll take to make decisions. Don’t overwhelm people with lots of choices. Limit your form fields, and stick to only a single goal each page.

5.Keep the pages simple.

If you want to increase a wider set of audiences, keep your website simple. In the field of web design, minimalism is the key for a better user experience. Research shows that people hate visual complexities, so you need to resort to simplicity.

6.Avoid using stock images.

As much as possible, use images with real people in it. If you can, hire a professional photographer, and produce your own photos. Avoid using stock images. Your goal must be to remain unique–the very essence of website design.

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