Logan Dean Oct/ 8/ 2018 | 0


Working in events as an event planner and organizer is known to be as one of the most stressful jobs there is. A lot of things can go wrong during an event and the only way to ensure that you are in control is by being one step ahead. Below are the top tips and tactics event planners can follow for proper event management.


Event planners need to stick to the lists that they create to avoid being sidetracked by tasks that are not on top of their priority list. Delivering a successful and memorable event is the main task of an event planner.

Work smart

The working hours of an event planner is almost always an entire day especially when the event day is nearing. Those long hours are part of what you signed up for as an event planner – but sometimes hard work isn’t what’s important. It’s working smart that counts. Delegate tasks to people to increase efficiency and lessen the completion of tasks to be done or even secluding yourself to a quiet part of the room does wonders to your efficiency.


Learn to negotiate on everything and try to get the best price possible. This will work wonders as event planners usually work on tight budgets and the extra budget room for unexpected things can take a load off your mind. Negotiation skills will greatly help you along the way as an event planner.

Befriend the AV tech

Your event production team is your lifesaver during events. When sudden changes arise or when sound system fails on the last minute before the event who do you call? Always expect last minute changes, and the AV team is the ones that will help you pull through.

Know your venue

As an event planner onsite, expect to be running around a lot day and night taking care of things, making sure everybody is doing their jobs and every task is moving up to speed. By knowing your venue well, you can utilize shortcuts or even locate those onsite team members hiding away from the stress of it all.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

No matter how detailed and perfect your planning is, something is always bound to go wrong or something unexpected arises – that’s one of the reasons this job is one of the most stressful around. But there’s no reason for you to suffer alone. When problems come, seek help from your team, colleagues, production team or even the venue staff and plan your solution. By doing so, you are opening the chance for other people that may have encountered the similar problem to step up and offer a solution. Everybody’s main goal is to provide a great event for the client, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Consider yourself a superhero because as an event planner, you work wonders each and every day making the impossible possible just so you can deliver an amazing event that you have promised.