How to Build an Email List in WordPress
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How to Build an Email List in WordPress

How to Build an Email List in WordPress

When you get the services of a top hosting company, they would usually give you the option of having your own email list. Bloggers and business website owners should always establish their email lists so that they can send out timely promotions whenever a new article or product arrives. In this article, I will tell you how you can build your own list so that you can utilize that for effective email marketing.

What is an Email List, Exactly?

Building Your Email List
An email list is essentially a list that contains different email addresses. Whenever your users visit your blog or website for the first time, you can have them opt to be enlisted in your email list so that they will be notified of new and exciting changes and products in the future. This is a great way for you to promote your new content and products without having to spend money on traditional methods of advertising.mail list for better results.

Building Your Email List

Why is It Important to Build Your Own List?
A lot of people actually ask me about this and I think I should include the reasons why in this article. Here are just some of the best ones:

  • Better Targeting- Whenever you want to target your blog posts or products to specific users, you can do that by sending them email newsletters
  • Improves Your Reach- People check their emails on a daily basis and because you can send out timely updates through email, it will always be seen
  • Increases Revenue- The more people that know of your website or blog, the better your profits will be.

Now, you might be skeptical about email lists because of the existence of social media. Well, while it is true that you can promote your website using the said platform, it would
be best that you use that in conjunction with your email list for better results.

Building Your Email List

Since you are using WordPress, you can install Opt-in Monster which is a plugin that will ask your users to enlist in your email list so that you can send them timely updates
whenever possible. That being said, you will need to get an Email Marketing Service to help you streamline the entire process. If you use a good web hosting provider, they will usually give you email marketing services right off the bat. But, if your web host doesn’t offer such, here are some of the services that I recommend:

  • Aweber- One of the most popular email service providers out there, Aweber is definitely one that you should look into. The service allows you to manage your subscribers, your emails, and it also provides you with great tracking support as well
  • Constant Contact- This service is ideal for business websites, though bloggers can also use this as well. This provider can give you some amazing analytics, helps you track and manage your emails, and it also has email autoresponders that you can set up to send automatic replies to some commonly asked questions.


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