How to Find a Watch that Matches Your Clothes?
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How to Find a Watch that Matches Your Clothes?

How to Find a Watch that Matches Your Clothes?

Picture a man that wears a tuxedo and he goes to a formal, black-tie event. He walks and exudes confidence and people who pass him by will usually notice him. Then, he turns to his wrist to tell the time and he is wearing a calculator wristwatch. That is a huge fail!

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, choosing the right watch will have to depend on the occasion. For formal events, you’d want to wear watches that are appropriate for such an event such as a simple watch with a metallic strap or one that uses leather.

For fitness-minded men, you can wear men’s watches in Malaysia that are either digital watch or you can opt for the trendy smartwatch if you are into those as well.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t know how to choose the right watch that will match your clothes, then you have come to the right place. For in this blog post, you will find out information that you will need in order to help you get the right watch for you.

The Formality of Your Outfit

When choosing the perfect watch, you have to consider the clothes you are wearing. If you are wearing your everyday clothes, then you can opt for just about anything. Heck, you can just go for the more casual watches for that matter.

However, if you are going to more formal events, you’d want to buy a timepiece that has an analog movement. They are watches that have different hands to tell the time and they are perfect for formal occasions.

Always remember that the simpler the watch, the more appropriate it is for black-tie events.

Types of Watches

The type of the watch will also tell you when they are appropriate to wear. Some of the most popular watch types include:

1) Dress Watches– They are the most suitable for formal events. Dress Watches are usually just simple watches with a leather strap

2) Chronograph– Chronograph Watches have a stopwatch and timer features included and may not be the best to wear on formal occasions, but the more expensive brands are actually created in a way that allows you to wear them regardless

3) Divers Watches– This watch was made popular by James Bond. They are usually watches made for diving as it can withstand water up to 200 meters. This is not a perfect watch for formal events but they do look nice in casual clothes

Leather Straps

If you are the type of person that prefers to wear a watch with a leather strap, you have to wear one that will suit the belt and shoes that you are wearing. If you are wearing black shoes and belt, you should definitely go for a black leather strap. If you are wearing clothes with earthy colors, a brown leather strap should suffice.

Do not attempt to wear leather straps just for about any occasion if it doesn’t match the color of your belts and shoes.

Match the Straps with Your Footwear

The color of your footwear will matter if you want to match it with the right timepiece. A black leather strap complements black shoes but will not go well if you are wearing brown leathers.

That is why a lot of men actually buy two different leather straps so that they can just change them whenever it suits the occasion.

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