Indoor Plants in Interior Design: 5 Tips You Should Know
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Indoor Plants in Interior Design: 5 Tips You Should Know

Indoor Plants in Interior Design: 5 Tips You Should Know


Indoor plants might be indoor plants. But, of course, they still need a significant amount of sunlight. Determine the amount of sunlight every room in your home receives. Then, know which kinds of plants thrive in medium, low and bright light. Take note that some of them are so versatile, while others are too light sensitive. 

Individual or Plant Groupings

How can you use a plant in a grouping or all by itself? You need to consider the plant’s height, color and shape. This is most especially crucial when it comes to grouping plants. Do you think you need more help with this? There are lots of interior design firms who can deliver quality assistance. 

Variegated Leaves

Do you want to put plants with variegated leaves in your living room interior design? This can add more interest and depth in your personal space. 

Tall Plants

There are plenty of tall house plants ideal for your corners. 

Dwarf Umbrella.

This plant has lots of waxy green oval leaves, and massive shoots.It can grow to around four to five feet tall, and requires indirect bright light. Definitely the best choice for a big space.

  • Mass Cane. Mass cane has leaves which are similar to corn stalks. You can utilize this kind of plant in areas that need tall greenery, like a staircase landing.
  • Norfolk Island Pine. Do you want to bring a magical touch to your rooms? The Norfolk Island Pine needs direct or indirect light. You can place it on either side of the interior door.
  • Ideal Plants for Hanging Baskets and Tables

    There are many small plants available for coffee tables, console tables and dining tables.

    • Ferns:
    • English Ivy
    • Succulents
    • Prayer plant
    • Orchids
    • Golden Pothos

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