Top 5 Useful Blackjack Tips
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Top 5 Useful Blackjack Tips

Top 5 Useful Blackjack Tips

1. It’s cheaper to play blackjack online.

Are you excited to play at the best online casino in Thailand? Playing online is a better idea compared to walking in a brick and mortar casino. Apart from the elimination of card counting, playing online has tons of benefits. For instance, you can put the money you want to spend on your casino bankroll. No need to drive or buy airline tickets. All in all, you can gamble for fun at the comfort of your own home.

2. Play online to get lots of bonuses.

You will be amazed to know that playing on an online gambling platform is not only about the convenience. Once you sign up in a reputable online casino, you can qualify to a lot of bonuses. These are called casino welcome bonuses, most of them matching the first deposit up to a specific amount. This means that you can use the bonus on your first few sessions, instead of using up your $200 bankroll.

3. Go for bet sizes that match your bankroll.

Don’t play at a certain table with limits that don’t correspond with your casino bankroll. Let’s say, if you have $200, it’s not wise to sit at a particular blackjack table with a $100 bet. No matter how much blackjack strategies you apply, you would want to have lots of opportunities in your hands. See to it that you will be able to put a minimum of 40 bets before picking a table.

4. Select a blackjack game well.

There are tons of blackjack variations out there that you can try. Don’t just stick to the classic version. Each one has a bit of difference to the usual rules, while some have progressive jackpots and optional side bets. When picking a new Blackjack variation like Super 21 and Perfect Pairs, make sure that you know the payouts and rules involved.

5. Know when to split.

Take into account the following rules in order to determine when to split the hand. This is all in accordance to the face up card of the dealer, and the value of your own pair.

  • Split 8s at all times, no matter what happens.
  • If allowed, always split aces.
  • Only Split 3s and 2s if the card of the dealer is 4-7.
  • Don’t split 5s. Then, if the dealer is showing an Ace or 10, you can either hit or double down.
  • Split 7s and 6s if the card of the dealer is below 6.

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