Top Affiliate Networks You Should Take Note Of This 2020
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Top Affiliate Networks You Should Take Note Of This 2020

Top Affiliate Networks You Should Take Note Of This 2020

  • eBay Partner Network

If you are looking for new affiliate programs in Malaysia you can join, look into the eBay Partner Network. This is eBay’s affiliate program that offers people to earn from the millions of listings on their platform. We all know that eBay is one of the oldest and most reputable ecommerce websites in the world. You will never go wrong with its good online reputation

  • Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a big name in digital-performance based marketing. This reliable platform provides solutions for mobile publishers to make money from their apps, and get paid for each action specified. Their team takes pride in delivering sophisticated tracking systems that monitor actions within a mobile app or website. 

  • Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates appears to be the favorite of many affiliate marketers. It handles the largest online marketplace of both digital products and physical items. The biggest advantage of joining this program? Well, the digital giant Amazon would stand behind you. Just like eBay, you would never go wrong with its amazing credibility and selection of offerings. 

  • Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is dedicated to providing integrated digital marketing solutions that range from search, display and affiliate. This affiliate business is trusted not only by newbie affiliate marketers. Even experienced marketers love this! In fact, they have been nominated as the number one affiliate network for 7 consecutive years. 

  • Leadbolt Labs

Are you in search of a mobile advertising platform for in-app monetization and user acquisition? Turn to Leadbolt. It is powered by dynamic ad-serving tech and direct relationships, allowing mobile advertisers to reach out to more users. You would be amazed by its analytics-based algorithms that can marketers achieve good user engagement. 

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